Health & Safety Service Levels

HR ONE's Health, Safety & Wellbeing Service supports hundreds of organisations in fulfilling their legal duties in relation to health and safety (H&S) matters. We provide specialist advice and practical support on a wide range of H&S issues relating to employees, premises, pupils, students, visitors, contractors, activities, security, equipment, off site activities, work experience, emergencies and curriculum safety. 

Our Team

  • We are accredited to the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (IOSH)
  • We are members of the British Safety Council
  • All our H&S Advisers are qualified to Graduate or Chartered IOSH Status
  • All of us who carry out fire risk assessments are Institute of Fire Engineer (IFE) qualified H&S Advisers

We offer two levels of service to maintained schools, Academies, independent schools and colleges. For maintained schools these are available in addition to the core activities that DCC provides. 

Subscription Service - Two Levels

Basic Service and Full Service - The full service includes all the elements in the basic and also incorporates a range of additional services such as undertaking fire risk assessments and complex risk assessments.

Basic Service

  • Acting as the Competent Person under Section 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations for Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided, Academies and Independent Schools and Colleges (County Schools are provided this by their employer)
  • Provision of health, safety and wellbeing information, guidance and policies that are reviewed regularly in line with new legislation, good practice and case law
  • On-going support for your H & S Coordinator
  • Helpline service: a Duty H&S Adviser is available office hours for routine matters and we have an out of hours emergency response for serious injuries or incidents. Our helpline covers all safety matters, including educational visits and work experience
  • Membership and associated CLEAPSS materials
  • Radiological Protection Advisory Service through CLEAPSS via the Health & Safety team’s Radiation Protection Officer
  • Annual on-site assistance visit which includes an overall H&S management system review every three years. Visits on non-review cycle years to be determined by the establishment but could include high risk curriculum area support, assistance with the routine premises inspection, work experience support and risk assessment preparation
  • All our management review visits include post visit report, action plan and on-going support
  • Induction for new Heads, Principals, and H&S Coordinators
  • Access to the OSHENS web based H&S management system for accident reporting, guidance notes, risk assessments, stress audits and display screen equipment risk assessment
  • Access to the Evolve Educational and Offsite visits system
  • Reporting all RIDDOR reportable accidents to the HSE (via the OSHENS system)
  • Assistance with serious accident investigations
  • Liaison with all enforcement bodies (HSE, Fire Brigade, Environmental Health) and with Ofsted
  • Liaison with establishment based trade unions, professional bodies and governors
  • Termly newsletter and hazard alerts
  • Access to a free library of H&S training DVDs 

Full Service

This level includes all activities in Basic Level, plus the following:

  • Direct assistance (4 hours at Primary Level, 7 hours at Secondary/Special Level) in carrying out the annual fire risk assessment, to review areas of concern or alternative activities (e.g. in house training event).
  • Specialist environmental or equipment workplace assessments (e.g. noise, heat, local exhaust ventilation equipment, display screen equipment)
  • Review of establishment risk assessments for suitability and sufficiency
  • Assistance with safety documentation during civil litigation
  • Use of a range of calibrated equipment (portable electrical appliance tester, noise and light meters, etc)
  • Personalised guidance and policies (for Academies and Independent Schools and Colleges only)

Additional Pay to Use Services

We also provide services on a 'pay as you go' basis to all of our customers.

To access these, Devon maintained schools only must first purchase either the Basic or Full service above; other customers may purchase 'pay as you go' services on an ad hoc basis.

These services include:

  • Training courses via the published Health & Safety Training programme
  • Establishment or learning community based bespoke training sessions
  • On-site specialist technical advice or support during major building work
  • Work experience safety checks for placements in high risk activities
  • Use of a range of calibrated equipment (e.g. portable electrical appliance tester, noise and light meters) for a small fee
  • Annual fire risk assessments (for those who only use the Basic Service)
  • Review of establishment risk assessments for suitability and sufficiency
  • On-site specialist technical advice or support during major building work
  • Direct assistance with carrying out complex risk assessments, including moving and handling assessments of students with complex physical needs (for those who only use the Basic service)
  • Temporary or additional H&S Coordinator cover – we will come in and carry out the tasks for you to cover temporary absences or prior to external inspections (e.g. Ofsted)

  • Any activity listed in the Full Service specification

For more information on specific services, call 01392 382027 or email